What is the Best Saltless Water Softener? Check Out Water Softener Reviews!

What is the Best Saltless Water Softener? Check Out Water Softener Reviews!

Saltless softener is also called a descaler. This system keeps minerals from being deposited inside your washing machine, dishwasher and pipes. They have some essential benefits over traditional devices, such as easy maintenance, electricity and water saving, etc.

An ordinary device runs hard water through special resin beads which contain sodium ions. Sodium molecules switch places with calcium and magnesium, leaving the water soft. As a result, soft water is delivered through the outlet pipe. Thus, you should not worry about scale in your pipes, so as minerals which form it are now gone. 

The main problem with this method is increased amount of sodium in water. In case of using it for cooking or drinking, the sodium content in your diet would be increased. It is not recommended for people who are suffering from certain medical conditions.

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The ideal alternative to a traditional water softener is a saltless system. It doesn’t remove minerals, but changes the structure of crystals due to electric charges. This prevents scale build up inside your pipes. Though, places where the water doesn’t flow freely (e.g. hot water heater, water tanks, etc.) will still get a scale build up.

Ratings, comparisons and reviews may vary depending on brands and prices.

You might consider changing your typical device into a relatively new technology if you:

 - are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary devices; 

 - don’t want to buy expensive and heavy mechanisms; 

 - don’t have enough space for a usual system and its large tank;

 - don’t want to lose healthy minerals from drinking water;

 - don’t want to bring salt into tap water due to your low sodium diet;

 - appreciate all the advantages of softening.

What are the advantages?

  • Convenient maintenance. Traditional devices require lots of maintenance. You should backwash the device with fresh water occasionally and add salt every few weeks. Fortunately, new technologies do not require these inconvenient maintenance tasks.
  • Corrosiveness. It is known that salt is a corrosive material. It can prevent your pipes and fixtures from scale build up as well as corrode them. New technologies allow scale removing without any problems.
  • Drain. You don’t need to install any special plumbing for this device to regenerate it once every week.
  • Wasting water. If you have an ordinary system, you should backwash it with fresh water occasionally. In fact, it is a waste of good water. New technologies do not require total waste of precious water.
  • Electricity saving. You don’t need to worry about your energy bills, as modern water systems don’t require electricity.

According to consumer reports, saltless devices proved to be much more convenient than traditional ones. So, make the right choice and enjoy without any salt! 

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